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Welcome to Herne Bay Coastal Community CIC

Supporting the Bay in every way!

Founded in September 2015, the Herne Bay Coastal Community Team is one of 146 Coastal Community Teams around the British coasts. We were initially funded with a £10,000 start-up grant from central government. In June 2020 we achieved CIC (Community Interest Company) status to access grants for projects that were previously unavailable.

The Herne Bay Coastal Community Team was set up to support the regeneration of Herne Bay. In delivering those regeneration projects we work collaboratively with Canterbury City Council, charities, retail, and other voluntary groups in Herne Bay. Our aim is to support the Bay and to become a better coastal community for the benefit of all.

Since our inception we have delivered and continue to deliver projects that have supported or continue to support the Bay!

Herne Bay pier beach seagull
Herne Bay Clocktower

We act as “guardians” of several key historical structures, which are significant to the history of the Bay. We liaise with the council regarding the maintenance of the Herne Bay Clocktower. We also continue to pay the annual insurances on the Amy Johnson and Barnes Wallis statues.

We continue to support the Herne Bay Christmas Lights and this year that group has become part of our organisation to maintain its future.

We are also corporate sponsors of the Wildwood Trust. (See our projects page for more information)

The creation of the Herne Bay Lottery continues to help us to fund projects and has benefitted many diverse groups in the Bay. Find out more about the Herne Bay lottery and the groups which have benefited.


Development Plan

Our current Development Plan details the issues and challenges facing the Bay. Our plan details our proposed ideas on how we can regenerate the Bay’s economy by supporting retail and tourism, the need to improve education, employment, and our environment.

We also recognise the fact that Herne Bay has a “String of Pearls” along its beautiful sea front stretching from Hampton to Reculver, which need to be preserved or utilised to make the Bay a better coastal community for the benefit of all.

Download our HBCCT Development Plan

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Is there a project that we could help you with, or is there is something you would like to see in Herne Bay that the town needs?
Or would you like to join our group or know more about us and what we do?

Then please contact us.


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